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Welcome to the Bambino Direct Reviews page which is part of the Buy it Direct Group.

We're constantly looking at ways to improve our service and we regularly contact our customers to hear their views on how we performed. This has helped us make changes to the way we work and improved the shopping experience for our customers.

If you want to take a look at how we’re performing why not check out the independent review sites below.

Bambino Direct Reviews on Reevoo

Reevoo are an independent review specialist. They contact everyone who places and order via Bambino Direct and asks them to submit an independent review. You can check out our latest scores below:

Bambino Direct on Reevoo

Bambino Direct Reviews

Bambino Direct Reviews on Pricerunner

We've been working with Pricerunner for a long time and our customers can post reviews directly onto the Pricerunner website. Here's our current review score:

Bambino Direct on Pricerunner

Bambino Direct Reviews on Pricerunner

Bambino Direct Reviews on Review Centre

Review Centre are another popular independent review website where our customers can quickly leave feedback on their shopping experience. Here’s how we’re performing at the moment:

Bambino Direct on Review Centre

There are probably more review sites available on the internet however thse are the ones we find most trustworthy as they work directly with our customers so you can see real feedback.

If you have shopped with Bambino Direct before follow this link to post your own Bambino Direct Review.