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What to expect

Here we'll tell you what we expect when you come in to see us. We're not trying to hide anything, we genuinely want you to do well so use these hints and tips and come along prepared:


If you're invited to an interview we'll let you know if there is anything you'll need to bring or to be ready for, so make sure you are! If we set a test or exercise it will be key to the role you are seeing us for, so if the role is right for you, you don't need to worry. We don't expect perfection, but if you nail it or at least show you've tried you’ll be in with a chance!

Make sure you know who you are meant to be asking for. The name will be in the email inviting you so print it off or write it down.

Time is of the essence

Give yourself plenty of time to get to reach us. Know the location, but more importantly how to get here. We do have car parking onsite, but if you've on public transport make sure you know what you're doing. The last thing you need is to be stressed because you can't find us or are running late. Plus being late on your first meeting never sets a good impression!

Knowledge is power

Do your research. We'll be really impressed if you come in and wow us with your information and facts. The Internet is full of information on us so come equipped to tell us what you know from studying our website, to checking out competitors. We'll always ask what you know about us so don't be caught off guard! You also need to know the job too, so have a good read of the advert or job spec to really show us in the interview how your experiences or skills meet what we are looking for.

It's all about first impressions

Whether we like it or not first impression are made from the moment you walk through the door. Everyone you meet has an influence over the final decision including reception, so always smile, be courteous and polite.

Make sure that you are smartly turned out and your shoes are clean! Just give us a call to enquire about the dress code if you are unsure about what to wear.

During the interview

Listen carefully to the interviewers and don't be afraid to ask us to repeat a question if you didn't hear it properly. This will ensure that you are giving us correct answer each time.

If there is more than one of us interviewing you, look at each of us individually. It is also great to remember our names as this will mean you can address us personally which is a really nice touch.

Think about your answers to difficult questions before you respond. There is no need to rush and answer, and run the risk of saying the wrong thing or expressing your point in the wrong way or unclearly. We like it when people take the time to think about what they are saying and consider the question that is actually being asked.

Don't be too critical of your previous employers. This can come across as a lack of loyalty, professionalism and integrity and these are traits that we are really keen on. You can be honest but use it in a positive way to show yourself off to your best.

Any questions?

Remember interviews are a two-way thing, so asking questions will show you have really thought about the opportunity, and will also make you appear more interested. Whilst we are interviewing you, it is also your time to find out whether we are right for you and whether you want to become a member of our growing team. We'll always ask you if you have anything you want to ask, so bring a list, and ask away!

As part of the interview, we are big fans of using competency-based questions to really give you the chance to show the skills and experiences that you have that are right for the role that you are being interview for. Have a think in advance of times when you have overcome difficult situations, worked in a team, dealt with competing demands or excelled within previous roles to really show off your skills.

And most importantly...

Be yourself! We want to see the real you, to make sure you are right for our company, and that our company is right for you. Whilst it is important to have the right skills and experiences for the role, it is essential that we get the right individuals on board and that they fit the ethos of Buy It Direct.

Most of all, try to relax and enjoy the interview – We're only human after all!

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