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meet the team

Meet the team

At Buy it Direct we pride ourselves on our "family and friends" ethos; a place where everyone feels welcome and included. Why not take this opportunity to meet some of the staff who may soon become your colleagues and friends.

Scott Scott Carapezza

I joined Buy It Direct in October 2012, and I have been here almost a year working in our Customer Care Team. I joined Buy It Direct from working in a small family property development and cleaning business.

Customer services can be a challenging role to play and you can't always satisfy every customer but you can only do your best, which is what I aim to do every single day I come to work

Buy It Direct is a fantastic company to work for. The staff are excellent and always there for you when help is needed. It is more of a family environment that we work in. There are plenty of opportunities in the company to go as far as your potential can take you. I am looking forward to the future of the company as the company is very ambitious and forward thinking.

Danielle Danielle Collinson

I joined the Commercial Team at Buy it Direct in December 2012 having previously worked for an accident management company for 2 years. I left my previous role as I didn't want to be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of my life, and I'm glad I did. At Buy It Direct there are a variety of different job roles from sales to customer services, to marketing, so once within a role you can move upwards in your career but stay within the company.

My job title is Commercial Administrator, within this role I purchase stock, liaise with distributors on pricing, merchandise and set up products which I then put live on the website. I amend the sell price on all Laptops/Desktops/Servers to ensure we have the lowest price and are the most competitive company on the market. I run reports on the sales of our stock which is then distributed to members of the Commercial Team and also to Manufacturers.

This company is great to work for, it is a relaxed but hard working environment. I have become good friends with those in my team and we all help each other out when needed. Unlike most companies, at Buy it Direct you are rewarded and applauded for your work, hard work does not go unnoticed. I have learnt a lot working for this company already, such as using formulas in excel which is extremely useful in many job roles (which I hated in school but have come to enjoy). I have learnt a lot here, and I know I will learn a lot more, and continue to progress with the help from this company.

Brooke Brooke Wilson

I recently joined the Marketing Team at Buy It Direct shortly after graduating in Marketing from Newcastle University. As a Digital Marketing Assistant my role is to assist in driving traffic to our websites through search engine optimisation, competitor analysis and site audits. I also focus on keyword analysis and have taken on the blogger outreach programme since I joined, in order to improve back-links to all of the Buy It Direct websites. Alongside this I help with the social media for Bambino Direct.

In my three months of being here I have learnt a considerable amount and hopefully will continue doing so! The great thing about Buy It Direct is the exposure to the different sides of the business and to see first-hand how a business is run day in, day out, ups and downs included! Starting at Buy It direct has been great for me as it is a fast paced company where there is lots to learn which makes working here exciting and both challenging and rewarding.

James Rigg James Rigg

I have previously spent 10 years as the Sales Director at an IT service company, which was followed by several years managing the Eastern Europe region for a specialist router company. Prior to taking on the role at Buy It Direct I also worked at Virgin Media managing systems integration channels. I joined Buy It Direct in 2008 as the Sales Director, which is a role that has continued to grow to include all customer facing staff, including Customer Services. I was already aware of Buy It Direct, having met the MD at previous events within the industry several times before, and knew how well the company was doing. I was amazed that a new starter business was growing so fast, and was taking business from the big players through just an online store in based Huddersfield, which made the decision to join very easy!

My role is to ensure that we make the most of every opportunity that comes in to the sales team, and to ensure if things do go wrong, that our Customer Service team resolve it as quickly as possible. The exciting thing about working for Buy It Direct is that it breaks the mould in online retailing and always stays ahead of the competition by being creative and imaginative. I find it really rewarding that I have seen staff develop within the company, and progress and take on new challenges within. Working for Buy It Direct is the most exciting business I have worked for, as you are always kept on your toes, face new challenges and the on-going growth is great to be part of.

Lisa Lisa Deveney

I joined Buy It Direct in early 2009 as the Customer Services Manager looking after a small team of just 6 people. Now, almost 5 years later the Customer Services Team has grown at a tremendous rate. We now have almost 30 people, over 2 sites, looking after our valued customers and helping them with their after-sales enquiries. Dealing with such a variety of people and products guarantees that no two calls are ever the same. This is what makes working in the Customer Services Team exciting, yet challenging at the same time.

In my role it is my responsibility to analyse the customer journey, identifying and making improvements to ensure the customer experience is always the best it can be. We have strong company values, and one of the shared goals for everyone in the business is to offer the lowest prices yet still provide the best possible service.

If you want to join an exciting, fast paced organisation with lots of variety, bucket loads of support, and great friendly colleagues, then Buy It Direct is the place for you.

Lisa Ryan Higginbottom

I joined Buy It Direct in August 2012 after working for numerous sales companies previously, such as Direct Golf and Reactiv Media Ltd. I was attracted to Buy It Direct as it has become a large and very popular company. It has grown from just Laptops Direct to Buy It Direct, selling televisions, laptops, appliances and much more. This makes the company a promising employer for growth and progression, which every employee looks for.

Since being at Buy It Direct I have learnt so much more product knowledge and sales ability. This has been a huge learning curve for me, and I will continue to learn and grow with in the company. I have worked in the Retail Department for over a year now and thoroughly enjoy it., I have now progressed to being a Team Icon, and I am committed to progressing further. My job role is very demanding and I enjoy every minute of it, dealing with mainly inbound calls and help in the showroom. I must maximise every sales opportunity and help other colleagues around me.

I have found Buy It Direct to be the best company I have ever worked for. They have helped me progress and become a better sales person!